Our Story.

I wanted to give you all a brief introduction about why I created the company and how this has all came to life. My name is Sinead and I run the business alongside my Husband Ciaran. We are parents to our beautiful baby girl and our rascal dog Ollie the Dachshund.

We started My Methodical back in 2020 (the year of the lockdown) with our international best
selling product the 'Home Planner'. I created the product out of my love for stationery and not being able to find what I was looking for. I'm overjoyed that so many people worldwide now share my love for this planner.

Fast forward 3 years and a house, wedding, dog and a baby - I then wanted to tell OUR story with a series of personalised prints. From life's ups and downs, I digitally sketched prints that have special meaning to our life. I now share this love and special design with all my wonderful customers, so you too can share YOUR story, with a series of personalised prints from My Methodical. We also have a wide range of prints for each occasion and room within the home.

My Methodical has one main mission - we ‘Aspire to Inspire’, and we hope we have done just that. We are always open to feedback and personal requests, so please feel free to drop us an Email at info@mymethodical.com

We can't wait to keep designing new products and sharing this wonderful journey with you all. Please use our social pages - Instagram & Facebook to keep in touch and share your story to the world.

Best wishes,
S & C x